The DAY 3: The Importance of Being Seen, Heard, and Understood

How is being seen, heard and understood so important to your presence as a leader? The next time someone asks, “what do you want from a leader”, consider responding with, “Your presence"! "It is the best gift you can give anyone”. I believe that Leadership takes “An ENTIRE Person”. An ENTIRE person is someone who is/has:

E: Engaged in listening (both verbal and non-verbal communication).

N: Needing to be compassionate and empathetic

T: Trusting in themselves and others

I: Involved in Coaching Conversations

R: Relationships that have meaning

E: Emotionally Intelligent Competencies

As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach, I define Presence as the ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationships with the client, while employing a style that is open, flexible and confident. These qualities include:

1.      Being present and flexible during the coaching process, (being in the moment).

2.      Accesses their own intuition and trusts one’s inner knowing—"goes with the gut.”

3.      Is open to the unknown and takes risks.

4.      Sees many ways to work with the client and chooses in the moment what is most effective.

5.      Uses humor effectively to create lightness and energy.

6.      Confidently shifts perspectives and experiments with new possibilities for their own action.

7.      Demonstrates confidence in working with strong emotions and can self-manage and not be overpowered or enmeshed by client’s emotions.

The neuropsychologist Dan Siegel describes presence as being fully in the now, undistracted by the past or future, or by one’s own personal needs.

Instead, we are often on autopilot and have habits that hold us back from being present.  PAUSING and breathing in the moment helps us notice our habitual thinking that may be keeping us from owning our ENTIRE leadership presence!

How do you show up present as a Leader, taking a coach approach?

Start with being present! 

Now that you know what leadership presencing is, try and answer these coaching questions:

What’s most important about being present today?

Now what will I do differently starting today?

Try and project yourself into the future and imagine being more present as a leader… Can you describe what this looks like?  What have you done to reach this outcome?


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