WELCOME NEXT GEN WOMEN LEADERS to CALM Power™ (Career & Leadership Mastery Power™)



“Your Leadership Purpose, Power & Presence”

This is the supportive coaching group that will build your CONFIDENCE and COMPETENCE to lead!

“What are your NEXT strategic moves?”

"Engineers have computers; painters, canvas; musicians, instruments. Leaders have only themselves. The instrument of leadership is the self, and the mastery of the art of leadership comes from mastery of the self. Leadership is self-development… And it starts with taking a look inside” Kouzes and Posner

What is CALM Power™?

Owning your Leadership Purpose, Power & Presence emerges from your Career and Leadership Mastery journey, which will flow into your way of showing up with your internal and external clients.  YOU learn to be aware of your emotions, sense the emotions in others, and remain calm, mindful and INTENTIONAL under pressure.  This is foundational for coaching and leading yourself and others, this is your Leadership Presence!

You will learn to connect and strengthen your

Leader from Within! 


It is your unique path of clarity that is much broader; it pervades your entire life and continuously builds your strength and stamina to FOCUS AND FLOW intentionally into your NEXT meaningful and purposeful leadership position.
This will begin by having a courageous conversation with yourself...

Are you ready?

Yes! I'm finally ready to feel...

Seen, Heard and Understood, even if it begins with me!

 I refuse to BE INVISIBLE!!!

Don’t allow chaos, bias and the status quo to keep you stuck and irrelevant in a system or ways of thinking that do not encourage competent and talented leaders like you.

"Labels no more!”

 It is not about the generational differences, it is about our leadership and our power to transform ourselves and others by our words and actions where you will 



Ditch the Imposter Syndrome and show your capabilities! 

Trust you are capable of shaping your Career and Leadership Journey by both navigating and advocating for what you desire!

Don't give up, the world needs you!! 

We are all Leaders at some level

Leadership is a CHOICE

To serve those who you are meant to serve!

You finally have met YOU; the Leader waiting to Emerge

When you speak with radical competent conviction,

confidence is the result & others will be inspired to listen!

This is the essence of CALM Power™!

  I Understand That When I Act Now,

I am joining...

A 3 month supportive group coaching experience for a variety of NEXT GEN Emerging Leaders (X, Y, Z, Boomers), the more variety the richer the conversation! Our focus will be what ARE OUR Commonalties that will help us EMERGE STRONGER Together!

 You will be hosted by International Coaching Federation Certified Career and Executive Coach, Shelley Cox. With over 20 years partnering with women from large to small organizations who quickly realized that having coaching conversations that resulted in all women having Purpose, Power and Presence is at the heart of sustaining feminine leaders in a multi-generational and ever changing, complex and diverse world! 

 Let's find our leadership voice and presence, NOW! We are ready to be represented and respected for our valuable contributions, competent know how & wisdom!  Many of you have navigated personal and professional adversities and disappointments and that has made you STRONGER.  

I coach using mindfulness as a FOCUSING and INTENTIONAL performance technique, so you continue to see results.


Unfortunately you may have internalized a “feel lucky to have a job" mindset early in your career! I can still hear a former boss repeatedly reminding me of this scarcity way of being! 

 Instead, I reminded myself of my natural resourcefulness and inner leader who never gave up! Yet, repeated systemic messaging and disappointments began a pattern of lowered confidence, Impostor Syndrome, and shame that pausing and embracing the idea that career and leadership mastery comes from the “inside out” would not be supported!

We start believing that raising our consciousness in our career somehow threatens the bottom line!

This often has us feeling stuck and riddled with the critical voice of "The Quacking Duck", believing we are unworthy of advocating for supportive mentors, sponsorship, or a coaching partner! You lose the stamina and strength to lead more senior leadership positions or to grow your entrepreneurial endeavor if this remains a pattern! 

YET... it is that quiet voice that asks us to listen internally, asking the deeper questions such as how, why and for whom do we lead that is our secret to success.

The problem is common and devastating to YOU and also the innovation and progress that may stay dormant inside you...


 CALM Power 

 I create a trusting space for you to own YOUR calm competence and confidence of Leadership Purpose, Presence & Power

Change happens when you have self-insight about your own patterns and values that may not be serving your next career move:

 Different Generations of women carry wounds and patterns that become areas that are not discussed.  We end up staying stuck in mindsets where we become resistant to change!  We need to step up with CONFIDENCE and Stay Relevant!


"One generation plants the trees, the other gets the shade." Chinese Proverb 

Does this sound like YOU?

  • You're a high achiever, wired to believe that hard work deserves accolades, so you work long and hard expecting to be noticed.  Instead of gaining visibility, you feel invisible and lack the feedback needed to move forward!
  • You constantly feel under pressure believing you need to prove that you are the best over and over, while never quite knowing what your next step is.  
  • You avoid taking risks and entering difficult conversations to avoid failure and then wonder why you feel defeated.
  • You ensure the job gets done, yet feel devastated when others take credit or politically ensure your reputation is more that of a doer than leader, all due to strategic positioning and lack of visibility.
  • On an endless treadmill knowing your leadership career is not an example of your true authentic self or aligned with your outside projects or organization.
  • You are juggling so many tasks; you know what they are! On top of that, we have social media expectations, pressure to look like celebrities, heath issues of both you and your kids, and so on....

Don’t forget date night, exercise and more…

  • You may be heading for burnout or a crisis.
  • You are great, even an expert at what you do and you know it. Despite this, you are not yet being recognized with clients, peers or senior leaders. This needs to stop! 

Because you are a high achiever you can drive yourself to far beyond the breaking point… not listening to your inner messages and body!

Your strengths and your phenomenal professional capacity has helped you rise quickly in your career, perhaps even threatening the status quo... 

You meet and exceed all KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators...  You may even be considered an EXPERT...

But do you have the support, confidence and competencies to transition into personal and professional leadership?



What to Expect and Walk Away With When Centered in CALM Power™

  • You will be centered in your Leadership Presence of who you are, Leading to your Career and Leadership Actions.
  • Exploration of your purpose, passion, values, motivators, key attributes, brand, competencies, Power Stories™, 360 strength branding report and so much more...
  • The personal power to own your ambition and EMERGE STRONG while advocating for sponsors, mentors, coaches, financial and family support.
  • Aligning your self-awareness from CALM Power to shape your leadership presence to align with current roles, strategic partners and all other stakeholders important in your world.
  • Overcoming any "Victimitis” so you can exude mental toughness, courage and resilience despite your current or past barriers.
  • Feel ready and eager for a different conversation with yourself! You will see the system's problems and decide your strategic moves.
  • Connection, support, a different energy, new perspectives, created with a multigenerational network of women.
  • Renewed energy and reflection time to continue exploring your conscious leadership journey while being a life long learner.


I Also Understand that When

I ACT NOW, I Also Get...


A CALM Power Leadership Dashboard to communicate my emerging Purpose, Power & Presence without sacrificing my KPI’s


Ditch your INNER CRITIC and lead with your CALM Power so you can EMERGE STRONG and MODEL THE WAY for THE NEXT GENERATION!

CALM POWER™- 90 Days To EMERGE STRONG Owning “Your Leadership Purpose, Power, & Presence” JOIN US!

This coaching program is delivered in a 12 week, interactive online format with 90-minute Group Coaching Sessions and a self-directed coaching journal!

There are 4 modules, Purpose, Power, Presence and Profit  

All this will be integrated using mindfulness for both focus and personal leadership

 You will be invited to show up for

 Weekly CALM Power™ Coaching Circles…

Capped at 12 members for each cohort, the circles will be a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space to explore and begin your conscious journey to your

Career and Leadership Mastery Power

When you’re ready for CALM Power, I will be honored to hold a space for you!!

Please connect with me directly to ensure this is the program FOR YOU!

(This can be customized for different groups and industries)

Please email me at Shelley@shelleycox.ca

To Your Success,

Shelley Cox

P.S. - Don't just take my word for it... take a look at these testimonials from Happy and Emerging Next Gen Women Leaders just like you!

“When I first connected with Shelley what I noticed right away was her ability to see me - the real me, and see my potential! I immediately felt understood, safe, and supported. She held me capable from day one to make the changes I needed, to ensure successful personal development and to both persevere and preserve the charity organization that I founded. As a gifted mindful listener, she showed empathy and respect, balanced with an ability to challenge me to refocus and with confidence, to own my powerful purpose, and presence! I chose to join her CALM Power™ Coaching group of diverse emerging leaders and it was life changing. I learned so much and have noticed immense growth in all areas of my leadership presence. In summary, it was inspiring and transformational. It’s difficult to put into words the energy that was created, despite COVID-19 and other difficult circumstances! She trusted all of us to own our potential. Shelley is meant to Coach! I find myself often thinking about her words, remembering them and acting upon them. With this supportive and sometimes vulnerable sharing, the CALM Power™ energy motivated me to apply for the National Change Makers Award from Alan Doyle’s A Dollar a Day Foundation, which I became the WINNER of. This includes a generous $15,000 donation and Official Charter Charity Status for my organization, No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society, which will now receive annual funding to help grow the organization and increase our impact. This means the world to our charity! Thank you, Shelley, for creating The Coaching Nest, so I can continue to EMERGE STRONGER and follow my purpose!”


– Elsie Morden
(Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Founder & CEO of No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society)

I approached The Coaching Nest when a promotion to Credit Manager came sooner than expected with less than a week’s notice, with no replacement for my position.  My challenge was to step up to the role and take over all new responsibilities, in addition to my own.   The event happened just two weeks before COVID which presented another set of challenges and now I believe opportunities. I felt that Shelley held an intention that I was more than capable, which allowed me to organize my focus, reconnect with my team, and pursue an efficient plan of action uniquely tailored to my experience and abilities in this unexpected moment. Each week in CALM Power,™ a diverse group of women met in a nonjudgmental space and went through mindful exercises and self- leadership competencies. The Coaching Nest was where I reconnected with my leadership confidence as I went through the process of engaging with other managers.  The result is our books are in better shape than they have been in years!  I recruited, hired and trained my replacement and feel like I am in a good position to continue the transition in a purposeful direction!  The energy from the CALM Power™   Coaching group helped keep me grounded, strong and confident through the most stressful time of my career.


C.Hurst-Credit Manager

“What led me to The Coaching Nest were some very specific challenging personal and professional questions.   I had just reached a milestone birthday  and was reflecting on the choices I had made. I was having trouble picturing who I wanted to become. To be honest, I was feeling completely lost and overwhelmed.  The CALM Power™  Coaching Group was made up of women who also were looking for clarity and confidence to own their  purpose, power, and presence, to be a leader without a title!  Shelley held an intention that helped me remember that I have not always been lost. Through Power Stories™ and strength spotting, I remembered that I am a badass who has achieved some pretty cool things! With this renewed competence and confidence, I decided to take a leap of faith and go back to school to finish my degree.  I am so grateful to Shelley and the amazing women in my group for their support and guidance.”


A.During-Travel Industry

When I found myself out of work in the midst of COVID, I was seriously concerned about my next career move.  I worried that it would take too long and be a financial strain.  I also worried that when I did find a new position, I have to take a salary cut.  Worst of all, I worried that I would have to sacrifice happiness to get “just a job”.  Then I started CALM Power™.  I met a group of amazing women who supported me and encouraged me to be my authentic self, to stay focused on my values and to not underestimate my worth.  I went deeper owned my power, purpose, presence and did not sacrifice finances!  I Emerged Strong as a leader and  a new CFO.   In the end, the job came to me – not the other way around.  I am confident that this next move will be the most rewarding phase of my career.



"Have you ever reached a moment in your life when you say to yourself, “Enough is enough! Something’s gotta give. And I need help to make this happen!” I’m sure you can relate. This happened to me! I love my job but the stress was taking over and I had to find a way to change that! Then I found Shelley! An angel on this earth I never knew exisited. It wasn’t long before I found myself on a journey to self-awareness with Shelley by my side. It is amazing to learn how many people in this world have no real understanding of who they are. Not even me! If you have no idea who you are, how can you know where you’re going? I also learned how precious it is to appreciate ‘the present’. These days I stop to smell the roses. By this I actually mean that I have incorporated useful breathing techniques into my daily routine that help me get calm and balanced – Shelley taught me this. It is amazing how wonderful my day can be when I take time to release oxygen into my brain so that you can think more clearly and calmly. I am who I am today because of my personal desire to achieve great things in life. I could not have done this without hearing Shelley’s constant whispers. She will remain my lifetime career and leadership coach; my lifetime confidant!"


 D. Mills-Sales Director

"Thank you so much for this coaching relationship. I can only describe it as transformational both personally and professionally. I see more opportunities for growth in my career and leadership journey! I consider our partnership and paths crossing serendipitous"!


Julie- Educational Leader

CALM Power is currently  being offered Online!

I would love to see you there!