LEAD-IN to CALM Power™



“Your Powerful Leadership Presence”

Welcome High Achieving Women

Many of you are under pressure and overwhelmed!

Here You will find the space to lead!

“What are your NEXT strategic moves?”

Kouzes and Posner stated in their book, The Leadership Challenge (Jossey Bass, 2012), that “Engineers have computers; painters, canvas; musicians, instruments. Leaders have only themselves. The instrument of leadership is the self, and the mastery of the art of leadership comes from mastery of the self. Leadership is self-development… And it starts with taking a look inside” 


What is CALM Power™?

CALM Power™(Career and Leadership Mastery) allows you to lead with a bold expression of your career and leadership message, clearly and consistently which flows into your trusted leadership reputation and ways of communicating. It is the strong centering force around which you choose to express your life at home, work, the community, the world! It is your created clear path on how to spend your energy and cope with the constant change.

Through the lens of CALM Power™ you can create the focused mindful space to allow your leadership future to


Don’t allow chaos and status quo to keep you stuck in a system and ways of thinking that eventually steal your destiny!


Ditch the titles and discover possibilities while you design your own way to


We are all Leaders

Leadership Is a CHOICE

To serve those who you are meant to serve!

You finally meet YOU, the Leader waiting to Emerge

When you speak with radical confident conviction, others will be inspired to listen,

You have just felt your own CALM Power™!


Your Coach and my offering to YOU

This program is a 3 month intensive group coaching experience for high achieving women, hosted by an International Coaching Federation Certified  Career and Executive coach, Shelley Cox, with over 20 years partnering with women just like you,  with a heart for emerging and sustaining feminine leaders! 

Women often do not command headlines so it is vital we find our leadership voice and presence, NOW! We are ready to be represented and respected for our valuable contributions and wisdom!  Many of you have navigated personal and professional adversities and disappointments


Women are often naturally strong at taking a more servant leadership stance. We bring characteristics of femininity such as listening, empathy, healing, persuasion, collaboration and just "enough worry" to be keen and creative.

I coach using mindfulness as a centering technique and apply this to life, leadership, team effectiveness and cultural change. I will greet you with warmth, compassion, humor and take a holistic view of your leadership challenges.

I’ve partnered and hosted countless hours of conversations with women from entrepreneurial CEO’s to Senior Organization Leaders! I listen deeply with mindful compassion, stand steady in my own conviction that this hyped up ego driven approach to leadership change is no longer working for brilliant women like you! I’ve worked with so many women who are wired to believe that the career and leadership strategies that worked in the past will support their journey moving forward.  After several career and life wake up calls and countless client stories I am convinced that High Achievers, driven by this subconscious urge to succeed in all areas of their life, sometimes at all costs, forget to have the most important leadership conversation needed.

The one with Yourself

Leading YOU to radical self-awareness!



Unfortunately you may have internalized a “Feel lucky” to have a job mindset, which began a pattern of lowered confidence, Impostor Syndrome and a deep shame and fear to STOP, pause and embrace the idea that career and leadership mastery comes from

the“inside out”,  it is that quiet voice that asks us to listen internally asking the deeper questions, such as how, why and for whom do we lead.

We think that raising our consciousness in our career leadership somehow threatens the bottom line!

This often has you feeling stuck and riddled with the critical voice of "The Quacking Duck” due to other forces and commitments which have led you to NOT advocating for yourself or having a supportive, mentor, sponsor or coaching partner ! You lose the stamina and strength to lead to more senior leadership positions or grow your entrepreneurial endeavor! 

The problem is common


 I create a safe, highly intuitive, non- judgmental space for you to breathe and connect  you to your calm trusting self!

Change begins happens when you have an understanding your own High Achieving Wiring

 This helps you regain your strength and stamina to decide how to navigate and advocate your own personal career and leadership journey:

Does this sound like YOU?

  • As a high achiever you’re wired to believe that your hard work deserves accolades, so you work long and hard expecting to be noticed
  • You constantly feel under pressure believing you need to prove you are the best
  • You avoid taking risk to avoid failure and then wonder why you feel defeated
  • You ensure the job gets done and more, that is who you are and wired to be
  • On an endless treadmill knowing your leadership career is not an example of your true authentic self or aligned with your outside projects or organization.
  • You are juggling so many tasks, you know what they are! And on top of that we have social media hype, pressure to look like the celebrities, heath issues of both you and kids.

Don’t forget date night, exercise and more…

  • You are heading for burnout or a crisis
  • You are good, even an expert at what you do and you know it

Because you are a high achiever you can drive yourself too far beyond the breaking point… not listening to your inner messages and body!

Your strengths and your phenomenal professional capacity has helped you rise quickly in your career 

You meet and exceed all KPI’s - Key Performance Indicators...  You may even be considered an EXPERT... but do you have the support to transition into personal and professional leadership?



What to Expect and Walk Away With

  • You will be Centered in your Leadership Conviction of who you are, leading to your Career and Leadership Presence
  • An exploration of your purpose, passion, values, motivators, key attributes, brand, competencies, Power Stories™, 360 strength branding report and so much more...
  • Remain composed under pressure, decisive, centered in your essence and expertise while living a healthy holistic life
  • The personal power to own your ambition, and EMERGE STRONG advocating for sponsors,mentors,coaches and family support
  • Knowing who, what, how, when and where to FOCUS your leadership efforts despite the full chaos
  • Know how to have a coaching conversation with yourself so that you fiercely define your boundaries, knowing what to say "yes" to and "no" to
  • Radical self- awareness of the “quacking duck” and using your mindfulness to listen, learn and lead in
  • Aligning your CALM POWER presence with current roles, strategic partners, and all other stakeholders important in your world.
  • Knowing with great conviction, “What is most important to you?”
  • Overcoming any "Victimitis” so you can exude mental toughness,courage and resilience despite your current or past barriers
  • Let your change be an example to others as you commit and inspire other women to lead by taking a more self-reflective conscious route to action, trusting that your connection to you is the place to begin
  • Feel trapped by  a system and culture that is asking you to constantly choose between stepping into leadership while still ensuring you perform all you other  private and community duties
  • You feel neither successful at home nor work! Or if you feel successful at work your personal relationship suffers and visa versa
  • You are ready and eager for a different conversation with yourself! You see the system problems but have decided there is a different way to define leadership success
  • If you are ready to experience and express your unique voice of leadership in the world, to reclaim your confidence and purpose.  
  • You are willing to trust that your inner voice and your connection to the wholeness of all things is to be trusted.
  • You are open to being creative and courageous in your exploration with yourself and others.
  • You are ready to be clear on what is your solid reputation as  a leader and what you will do and be differently.
  • Model Embracing your freedom to lead without sacrificing your KPI’s
  • A personalized Leadership Manifesto and a Career and Leadership Strategy to be used to communicate your emerging reputation. This includes; Behavior-Based Interviews, Body Language and Non-verbal Communication, Job Search/Communication Strategies, Networking, Informational Interviewing, Negotiations and Labor Market Information,  Cultural Awareness and more as needed or a one page business plan.


You just want to contribute while feeling a sense of meaning and purpose! You want to be visible and supported! Whether small or large organization, you want to be motivated and contribute to your team and create a diverse, collaborative coaching culture, that begins with the most important conversation, that one you have with the inner you!

Ditch comparison and competition and lead with CALM Power You will Benefit if...

  • You are a High Achiever seeking a personal Leadership Presence to remain a confident and powerful advocate to navigate your work and life.
  • You’ve been asked to LEAD projects, teams, a company, yet are under confident that your leadership style, brand expression are in alignment with organizational, partner or joint ventures.
  • You are known for your high achieving and/or leadership path yet  your find yourself unexpectedly out of work and looking for a new career and life direction-outplaced
  • High Achieving women re-entering the workforce after babies, divorce, and other circumstances
  • Emerging Leaders transitioning from Manager to Leader, Leader to Coach to ensure they are leading from a firm foundation.
  • Overwhelmed and disengaged women looking for their career to flow and flourish with meaning
  • Emerging Women Leaders unsure of their next strategic moves and feel they are avoiding conflict and the difficult conversations needed with themselves and others
  • Women leaders who know the importance of Social Emotional intelligence Leadership and the foundation of self- awareness
  • Entrepreneurs and Executives, who want clarity on their brand to align with organizational partners or joint venture brands
  • Emerging Women Leaders wanting the courage to change and require clarity on their current career path.
  • Entrepreneurial Minded Employees (Intrapreneurs) and Entrepreneurs desiring a CALM Power™ foundation to EMERGE STRONG


You’re already AMAZING at what you do. You work hard. You get results. You’re known for doing a great job. YOU take initiative and rise to challenges. It’s a big part of your success to date. But that hasn’t led to the recognition or leadership path you envisioned or deserve. And that’s left you feeling overlooked, disheartened and frustrated.

Yes, wiring is part of the problem but so are the systemic challenges we face

 I could make a list of my own leadership barriers from surviving both physical and emotional traumas. Not having solid support, sponsorship and mentorship now or from the beginning, yet, I am beyond grateful for the women and men who have been there, struggling together as we all must do!

Together we can support one another, so let’s STOP   

Blaming anyone for this full catastrophe!

  No more Shame, Guilt, Imposter Syndrome… we know them too well..

 No more

Critical voices in our heads

The Quacking Ducks”

are our

Own mind prisons

Despite the inner and outer barriers, let's step up  and be heard!

The System from business leaders, education system, government, policy makers and inter-generational family all blindly contributed to creating this situation

So What Now?

It does come down to


Us woman don't always see where we're going, we won’t always  know what's going to happen, but no one can take away from you what you put in your own heart and mind!!

 “To do nothing is a victimized approach so we cannot blame others if they decide on your future for you!

I am offering you support now!





Lead-in to CALM POWER™! 90 Days To EMERGE STRONG Choosing “Your Powerful Leadership Presence” The Logistics

  • This coaching program is delivered in a 12 week, self-paced and interactive online format
  • Each of the 4 modules, Fulfillment, Freedom, Focus and Finance will have the following format:  with a bonus wing - Forgiveness
  • Self-directed cognitive learning around each module and its content that can happen at your convenience
  • Self- Coaching Journal sheets and assessments

Lead-In™ to CALM Power™ Coaching Circles… capped at 10 for each cohort. . The circles will be a safe, compassionate non-judgmental space to explore and begin your journey to Career and Leadership Mastery

  • An optional online weekly Q/A call to ask any questions from the materials for that week
  • Calming and centering exercises to deepen your exploration into self and evolve your leadership mindset, along with a presencing retreat at the half way mark.

"Have you ever reached a moment in your life when you say to yourself, “Enough is enough! Something’s gotta give. And I need help to make this happen!” I’m sure you can relate. This happened to me! I love my job but the stress was taking over and I had to find a way to change that! Then I found Shelley! An angel on this earth I never knew existed. It wasn’t long before I found myself on a journey to self-awareness with Shelley by my side. It is amazing to learn how many people in this world have no real understanding of who they are. Not even me! If you have no idea who you are, how can you know where you’re going? I also learned how precious it is to appreciate ‘the present’. These days I stop to smell the roses. By this I actually mean that I have incorporated useful breathing techniques into my daily routine that help me get calm and balanced – Shelley taught me this. It is amazing how wonderful my day can be when I take time to release oxygen into my brain so that you can think more clearly and calmly. I am who I am today because of my personal desire to achieve great things in life. I could not have done this without hearing Shelley’s constant whispers. She will remain my lifetime career and leadership coach; my lifetime confidant!"


Director, Toronto

CALM Power is also offered off-site in a beautiful lakefront and park atmosphere where we use nature to connect you to  your mind, body and spirit, and is an excellent catalyst to experience breakthroughs and creative inspiration.