Meet Shelley, CEO and Founder of
The Coaching Nest

The Coaching Nest Specializes in Creating Reflective Coaching Partnerships Where Women Executives & Entrepreneurial Business Leaders EMERGE STRONG Owning their Purpose, Power, Presence, and Prosperity Despite Uncertainty!

How you approach and lay the foundation for your leadership journey right now makes a big difference.

The Coaching Nest supports you to stay AMBITIOUS, confident, and competent while grounded in our innovative Leadership Coaching Programs.

 We use mindfulness, reflection, nature, and leadership coaching circles with scientifically proven growth mindset strategies to build your leadership stamina and resiliency to


You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.

The Coaching Nest emerged after witnessing many talented high achieving women in leadership, from corporate executives to entrepreneurs, living and working in our fast-paced systems, attempting to NAVIGATE the labyrinth of command and control cultures. 

As a result, many of us buy into a boxed in myth and bias about what makes a leader. Even when we do embrace our ambitions, courageously aligned with our conscious intentions, we are still often...



It leaves many of us feeling alone, isolated, invisible, misaligned, and disengaged from our tremendous efforts to bring our leadership and career visions to life.

Ambitious women are smart and savvy, driven to please, and get results in all areas of their life often without fanfare and complaint. We are strong women shouldering the burdens of household duties, elder care, childcare and our own mental or physical health. We lead naturally and if we are struggling to build competence and confidence, we find solutions. We often lead too quietly without slowing down to reflect more strategically,  to discern what is best for us. We help everyone else but may not be seen as needing support ourselves. This leads to women reporting feeling like failures at all roles, especially as a leader and parent. To add to the complexity, we are coping with unconscious bias and other beliefs, attitudes, and often rigid ways of thinking that slow down our success and expression of our true purpose!

We amazing women are craving coaching, mentoring, sponsorship, and support, but instead we are often left blindsided and disheartened by the silos and hidden systems.

 That is my story in a nutshell! I know I'm not alone!   I asked:

 “Is this sustainable without slowing down to advocate for what we need, so that we step up for the next generation of women leaders and model a different way"?

When I started being insatiably curious by asking many questions about building leadership capacity and resiliency, it was always with the intention of seeking a different way to lead, refusing to exhaust myself and burnout ...

My Solution EMERGED...

Executive Career and Leadership Coaching

Letting go of all the complexity and instead...

Becoming an expert of not being an expert!

 I was called to be the NEST Builder for the Next Generation of Women Leaders.

I searched VERY deep inside myself and feel confident in my conviction that we women must gift ourselves with the space and permission to Master our own Career and Leadership Coaching secrets , so that we partner together so you lay a purposeful foundation for your leadership journey.  This will allow you to make the big difference you are meant to make.

Coaching is powerful and impactful.

It helps you make tiny shifts that change everything.

How do already strong and AMBITIOUS women Emerge Stronger and sustain this?

As a lifelong student of my own and others conscious journeys, I was curious and dismayed by behavior that appeared so misaligned with their true essence and self.

I’ve witnessed and experienced how Professional Coaching can account for radical differences in performance and achievement, often through just a small shift in a deep rooted unconscious thought or behavior. This resulted in a repeated habit that with even the smallest shift in perspective, became the catalyst to form a firm Coaching Leadership Foundation Grounded in

Purpose, Power, Presence and Prosperity

Where I am today has not happened overnight or even in a short time frame – it has been a lengthy and often difficult process.  

My journey would have been so much easier with support, mentorship, and of course coaching! You can have this! This is my gift to you!

Childhood adversity, an undiagnosed eye injury, and chronic illness left me feeling that asking for help was playing a victim.  I bought into a "do it myself" or "I can survive anything attitude"  This was an engrained belief and well supported by a society who believes strong and resilient people just bounce back and “land on their feet.” They will figure it out! Yes they will BUT…

 How is that compassionate or useful?

We all need support, understanding, and feedback from those who understand the implications of navigating the women’s leadership labyrinth. My coping mechanism was to work harder, longer, and rarely strategize how this would affect my visibility and credibility as a leader.  I started using the “Work Harder” operating system early in my career, but knew intuitively this had to change. This is the TYPICAL GEN X response so ingrained in my formative patterns and values.

Each woman’s story, struggle, and triumph inspires me and my clients to turn towards one another.  They allow us to enter a space where where one simple, candid conversation can restore hope to all our futures. It’s pivotal when we all feel


And give this to others…

I feel invigorated to continue modelling the way so we ALL witness candid and real people who are willing to find meaning and purpose.  WE can serve and always listen to others! This is what all generations share!

I continue to envision and coach women of all generations and those who support them to pursue a career and leadership journey that emerges from radical self-awareness.  This will lead to more conscious leaders.  Executive Career and Leadership Coaching is a chance to return to ourselves, and remember the sense of being whole again. Most people sacrifice their true self with a split personality of being one person at work and another in their personal life. I want to be an advocate for women and their allies to have an integrated leadership journey.

I want US to TALK with each other!

I want US to DEEPLY Listen to each other!

I want US to REDEFINE how we treat one another!


A NEST BUILDER is expressed in all I AM as a Coach …




You will show up CONFIDENT with clients, your boss, organizations and the world! They will feel your powerful leadership presence.

What was my first catalyst for change?

During a lunch hour I found myself alone sitting on old concrete steps in the parking lot of my workplace and sighted a beautiful monarch butterfly that seemed out of place both in the context of where I was and how I was feeling! Yet, I took notice.

It was a serendipitous moment and the butterfly became a symbol of my leadership transformation. My hero’s journey began. I took a stance to find meaning, purpose and explore my own leadership presence. To show up present and fulfilled as both an organizational and now entrepreneurial leader in today’s world requires us to view change, adversity and the unexpected through the “eyes’ of growth, transformation and opportunity.

This is the work I do and Love!

The Coaching Nest emerged organically from an evolution of my butterfly story that occurred close to 15 years ago. Photo by Shelley Cox , inspired by nature 

Who we work with:

  • Emerging Multigenerational Women Leaders who are transitioning into a leadership role and those who support them. We unite generations together so you can be the bridge to you and your team.
  • Women looking for a trusted Executive Coach to partner in building leadership capacity & coaching cultures, using meaningful intergenerational conversations.
  • Overwhelmed and disengaged Leaders looking for their career to flow and flourish.
  • Leaders and Executives who want clarity on their leadership brand expression to align with organizational, partner or joint ventures so all generations are seen, heard and understood.
  • Emerging Leaders transitioning from Manager to Leader, Leader as Coach.
  • Leaders unexpectedly out of work and looking for their next move.
  • Women Leaders re-entering the workforce after babies, divorce, and other circumstances .
  • Emerging Women Leaders wanting the courage to change and requiring clarity on their current career path, either in or out of an organization.
  • Entrepreneurial Minded Women Employees (Intrapreneurs) and Entrepreneurs desiring leadership skills.

I love learning and you benefit!


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) - Royal Roads University, Victoria BC
  • The Neuroscience Academy Certification
  • Becoming a Mindful Wellness Coach: Ann-Marie McKelvey - MCC
  • Strong Mindfulness -Mindfulness Based Strength Practice (MBSP)
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach in Positive Psychology Certification
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach (SEI)
  • Certification from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence (Includes Leader as Coach Certification)
  • Retirement and Executive Career Coaching
  • Certified Executive Career Coach
  • Life and Business Coach Certification
  • 10+years building a business and creating a variety of programs and offerings such as CALM Power™  and other Leadership and Coaching Competencies
  • 10+years experience in a variety of roles: Sales and Branch Manager, Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Human Resources Professional
  • Full Member – International Coaching Federation

Our family lives in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Both my husband and I have remained independent leaders in our careers.

We share the trials and joys of parenting a young Gen Z leader, small business ownership, and a host of other complexities in our ever changing world. We maintain a deep appreciation for everyday moments and strive to live a contemplative life through nature, spiritual seeking & mindfulness.

We are privileged to support two beautiful children in Haiti and Guatemala as well as providing monthly contributions to Operation Smile, Doctors without Borders and other charities we value. In addition, I am the past NS ICF Representative, and ICF Atlantic Board Member and Member of ICF Global.