Meet Shelley, CEO and Founder of
The Coaching Nest

I started The Coaching Nest because I witnessed many talented high achieving women in leadership, from corporate executives to entrepreneurs, living and working in fast-paced, often command and control cultures. These amazing women were often rewarded for  busyness, and  generally were showing up frazzled with an overwhelmed presence. I asked the question,

“Is this sustainable, or will these gifted women become tired, exhausted and burned out. They wanted to achieve more, but how and at what cost?"

Where I am today has not happened overnight or even in a short time frame – it has been a lengthy process. One thing evolved into another, and with the determination of who I am, the clarity of what I wanted to do, and the resiliency of where I wanted to be, is why I am where I am today, and as a result, so is the Coaching Nest.

During my corporate years I was disheartened when I realized that most people were constantly trying to fit themselves into something that they were not.

I was extremely curious about this and attempted to have open conversations which resulted in further avoidance!

I was triggering others in my quest for authenticity,  certainly not my intention! In the midst of this, I was quietly struggling from my own childhood adversity and only recently understood an undiagnosed eye injury.  My coping mechanism was to work harder, longer, and rarely ask for support. I always realized gender inequality and experienced unconscious biases so devoted myself to life-long learning to build both confidence, competence and above all CHOICE!

I longed for people to be candid and real and find meaning and purpose!

I wanted to encourage people to pursue a career path that built on their radical self-awareness with leadership respected at all levels! I wanted organizations to talk with each other!

I wanted to help people design their own CALM Power, to remember the sense of being whole again. Most people sacrifice their true self with a split personality of being one person at work and another in their personal life. I wanted to be an advocate for women to have an integrated leadership journey in organizations and as an entrepreneur!

That’s why I founded The Coaching Nest, a metaphorical symbol of a safe, calm space where you are able to grow and prosper.

Growth happens when you are seen, heard, understood and nurtured. It is a retreat from the demands of the often  harsh chaotic world. I see The Coaching Nest as a place of loving kindness, where clients, like you, have  a mindful space to reflect on your leadership journey. You have a space to refocus, rewire and repurpose new dreams, patterns, habits, ideas, deeper meanings, leading to trust and resiliency. We hope that this time and space launches you as an individual and/or organization to EMERGE STRONG.


You will show up CONFIDENT with clients, your boss, organizations and the world! They will feel your powerful leadership presence.

What was my catalyst for change?

During a lunch hour I found myself alone sitting on old concrete steps in the parking lot of my workplace and sighted a beautiful monarch butterfly that seemed out of place both in the context of where I was  and how I was feeling! Yet, I took notice.

It was a serendipitous moment and the butterfly became a symbol of my leadership transformation. My hero’s journey began. I took a stance to find meaning, purpose and explore my own leadership presence. To show up present and fulfilled as both an organizational and now entrepreneurial leader in today’s world requires us to view change, adversity and the unexpected through the “eyes’ of growth and opportunity.

This is the work I do and Love!

The Coaching Nest emerged organically from an evolution of my butterfly story that occurred close to 15 years ago. Photo by Shelley Cox , inspired by nature 

I am now the CEO and Founder of The Coaching Nest, a Professional Certified and Accredited (PCC) Executive Career and Leadership Coach,  who is passionate about helping high achieving women and leaders find the freedom to lead, despite command and control environments that do not invite change naturally. My love of nature, mindfulness, coaching and leadership have come together to form this confidential environment to serve you to be a leader serving a higher purpose for both you and the people you serve!

I feel called to do this through the expression of coaching.

Women are often naturally strong at taking a more servant leadership stance. We bring characteristics of femininity such as listening, empathy, healing, persuasion, collaboration and just "enough worry" to be keen and creative.

A Coach is NOT your EXPERT, instead, your transformational change advocate and strategic thinking partner!

I coach using mindfulness as a centering technique and apply this to life, leadership, team effectiveness and cultural change. I will greet you with warmth, compassion, humour and take a holistic view of your leadership challenges. I have experience in career and leadership coaching with managers, directors, leaders & entrepreneurs, including career transition.

I will help you build the stamina and resiliency, to Emerge STRONG with an authentic, focused, leadership presence grounded in a mindful and powerful approach called CALM POWER™. I help you tap into your own superpowers of self-awareness and innovation.

Together we form a powerful thinking partnership.

I have developed deep listening skills to hear what is the pivotal issue preventing you from achieving greatness! Our challenge is we live in an era of constant interruption and celebrity celebration.

It’s no wonder we feel confused and concerned about how we show up as leaders! When you work with a coach we accept that the capabilities of leaders can often exceed our own in many cases, so suspending the role of expert is key.

Who we work with:

  • High achieving women who are transitioning into a leadership approach to life and work.
  • Women seeking a leadership brand either in large or small business.
  • Women looking for  a trusted Executive Coach to partner in building leadership capacity & coaching cultures.
  • Overwhelmed and disengaged leaders looking for their career to flow and flourish.
  • Leaders and Executives, who want clarity on their leadership brand expression to align with organizational, partner or joint ventures.
  • Emerging Leaders transitioning from Manager to Leader, Leader as Coach.
  • Unexpectedly out of work and looking for a new career and life direction-outplaced.
  • Women re-entering the workforce after babies, divorce, and other circumstances.
  • Emerging Women Leaders wanting the courage to change and require clarity on their current career path.
  • Entrepreneurial Minded Employees (Intrapreneurs) and Entrepreneurs desiring leadership skills.

I love learning and you benefit!


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (CEC) - Royal Roads University, Victoria BC
  • The Neuroscience Academy Certification
  • Becoming a Mindful Wellness Coach: Ann-Marie Mckelvey - MCC
  • Strong Mindfulness -Mindfulness Based Strength Practice (MBSP)
  • Emotional Intelligence Coach in Positive Psychology Certification
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach (SEI)
  • Certification from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence (Includes Leader as Coach Certification)
  • Retirement and Executive Career Coaching
  • Certified Executive Career Coach
  • Life and Business Coach Certification
  • 10+years building a business and creating a variety of programs and offerings such as CALM Power™  and other Leadership and Coaching Competencies
  • 10+years experience in a variety of roles: Sales and Branch Manager, Leadership Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Human Resources Professional
  • Full Member – International Coaching Federation

Our family lives in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. Both my husband and I have remained independent leaders in our careers.

We share the trials and tribulations of parenting, small business leadership, and a host of other everyday complexities. We maintain a deep appreciation for everyday moments and strive to live a contemplative life through nature, spiritual seeking & mindfulness.

We are privileged to support two beautiful children in Haiti and Guatemala as well as providing monthly contributions to Operation Smile, Doctors without Borders and other charities we value. In addition, I am the past NS ICF Representative, and ICF Atlantic Board Member and Member of ICF Global.