Day 21: What is the Importance of Career and Leadership Mastery?

For years, I imagined a world where women envisioned and owned their leadership voice and presence as both entrepreneurial and organizational leaders! As the CEO and Founder of The Coaching Nest, I have created services where we use the key competencies of coaching, diversity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence to help women discover Career and Leadership Mastery (CALM) Power. This will prepare them to be leaders of tomorrow!  I’ve expressed this vision in ways that I could, based on my situation and realm of influence!

Imagine a world where we stopped comparing ourselves and instead, helped one another towards mutual success?

Coaching seeks to first understand a woman’s full story by helping them feel seen, heard, and understood! In the past, women’s talents and gifts were not appreciated by all of society.  I believe that together, we can create a world where women’s talents and expression of their career and leadership mastery is valued and inclusive.  I want women to feel safe and show up with their full power every day. That’s what The Coaching Nest calls Ambition! I’ve partnered with women to EMERGE STRONG for many years! 

 My foundational program CALM Power™ 2.0, is where women (and men) like you can show up to EMERGE STRONG. 

You may be asking: What is CALM (Career and Leadership Mastery) Power™?

CALM Power™ is your Powerful Leadership Presence that emerges from your Career and Leadership Mastery journey, which flows into your way of communicating with your ideal client. It allows YOU to show up in control of your emotions, sense the emotions in others, and remain calm, mindful and graceful under pressure. You will learn the secret of Leading from Within!  You will begin to lead with Fulfillment, Freedom, Focus and Financial Awareness. It is your unique path of clarity that is much broader: It pervades your entire life and builds your strength and stamina, despite constant change. Because…

“The only constant in life is change”- Heraclitus

The Coaching Nest believes in the foundation and lens of CALM Power™ by creating a focused and mindful space to allow you to reflect on your key competencies. These competencies become the foundation of your emerging leadership presence to EMERGE STRONG!

Don’t allow chaos, bias, and the status quo to keep you stuck in a system or ways of thinking that do not encourage competent talented leaders like you to EMERGE!


Ditch the Titles and OWN Your Capabilities!

We are all Leaders!

Leadership is a CHOICE to serve those who you are meant to serve!

You will finally meet YOU, the Leader waiting to Emerge!

When you speak with radical competent conviction, confidence is the result. Because of this, others will be inspired to listen.

Sometimes, You Need to be Seen, Heard, and Understood in All Areas of Your Life to Emerge Strong. We use the Power of COACHING to Inspire EVERYTHING we do!

Please consider investing in your most important asset for long-term competitiveness by developing Resilient and Strong Leadership strategies for the Innovative Future–For YOU and your Organization!

I am grateful for the many kind notes and appreciations of my 21 Days of Tips to go from Chaos to CALM!  I am also in great appreciation of my current CALM Power Cohort, who has shown strength and stamina during some very difficult times in our world and in Nova Scotia!

All members ended up being local ladies who made the choice to show up and EMERGE STRONG to continue their contributions to the leadership of tomorrow!   I know they will transform work, shift negative atmospheres to positive ones, and change our world for the better.

If you are interested in joining the next cohort of CALM Power, or have any questions about me and my programs, do not hesitate to contact me:

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