DAY 2: How is your Quacking Duck (Critical Voice) Keeping you from Being Present Today?

Acknowledging our “Quacking Duck” can be a very powerful way to bring greater awareness to the critical or judging voice within us. One way of looking at your “Quacking Duck” (inner critic or judge) is to see it as a habitual way of thinking that can be modified.

When you were small, your Quacking Duck helped you stay out of trouble. It protected you by repeating what it saw and heard from your authority figures. It taught you how to stay safe, do well, and avoid displeasing others who were crucial to your survival. Even though you have 'grown up' and moved on, your DUCK has not. It bullies, judges and criticizes you to "keep you safe", but the advice is outdated and so is the Command and Control attitude of that Duck! That's because the voice of your DUCK dates back to when adults always knew best. Adults were right--and children were wrong. Even when the adults WERE wrong, they still had power over us. Remember, you are no longer a child! You're an adult with your OWN values, beliefs and ways of doing things. You can think for, decide for and protect yourself.

Here are a few coaching questions to ask your Duck:

What is your Quacking DUCK’s purpose, what is it trying to achieve?

What is your Duck MOST afraid of?

If your Duck was your friend, what would change about its message?

What would life look like without the “Quacking Duck?” In other words, how could life improve if you were able to let it go?

What do you believe about yourself because of all this quacking!!!

What do you need to say differently to yourself to dispute these beliefs? What’s the best in you? 

What’s most important about acknowledging the quacking duck (critical voice)?

Now what will I do differently?

Project yourself into the future and imagine having less of a critical voice… Can you describe this?  What have you done to reach this outcome?

How will this help you show up as a more present leader?

For an additional tool to print off and help you manage your quacking duck, check out this link:

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