It’s August and I’ve been working diligently (with some great family, summer breaks and tween sleepovers) to re-brand and have my brand promise best reflect my business vision and life purpose moving forward! It’s like my own little New Year’s party!

My son has been paddling at Maskwa Aquatic Club, a non-profit organization, all summer. The coaches here are dedicated and my son loves it! Anyone who spends any time around my son will know that this is just one of his many expressions of who he is becoming and what he is doing in life! At the last regatta, as I watched his team of boys under the age of thirteen, it was both apparent and wonderful to see all their energy supported by a team of amazing leaders, both formally and informally. Different leaders from parents to the technical and strategic coaches inspire and are with these developing tween(s) every day. It really takes a village!

During the last regatta I witnessed one leader “gather” these young boys, active as ants, focus them with a shared vision, set a goal for their war canoe event and assign each the responsibility and accountability to work as a team. Each became an expression of the Maskwa brand. As I watched this in action, I believe I witnessed a brand message in the making. Dressed in their little blue singlets, all shapes and sizes of boys became a cohesive group knowing what they were doing and where they were going. In my eyes, they were all leaders, yet all had a unique expression of the same brand. As I reflected and watched, this became a breathtaking and validating moment for me. They had made a promise to reflect the value of their team! Go Maskwa!

Branding remains essential to our leadership careers and success because it helps define who you are, how you are great, why you should be sought out, and where you are going.

Branding is your reputation. It’s about building a name for yourself, showcasing what sets you apart from others, and describing the added value you bring to a situation.

They did not formally win this specific race, but they certainly are developing the character, resilience, vision and perhaps new strategy for the next time! That is exactly what we do as leaders and your brand allows you to know you can be trusted to do what you say you will do!

As I continue to brand my own business, I want to keep this as a wonderful metaphor. I will honor my branding as a combination of my tangible and intangible characteristics that make my brand unique and deliver the results I promise, in this case, to help emerging women leaders, EMERGE STRONG. It’s an exciting journey and I am looking forward to sharing more!

I’ve made the decision to keep my site active during this transition so please call or email if you are needing clarification on programs. The website and social media are still in transition and will e so for the next few weeks.

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