Hello Female Leaders and those who support you:

I want to know how I can help alleviate the stress of some of the changes and challenges due to the quarantines and the disruption to life and business. COVID-19 is presenting a set of circumstances that none of us has ever experienced before.

 As a Certified Executive Coach, I will bring you some coaching tips on how to navigate this situation as a woman in leadership, whether you are a Solopreneur or CEO.  I know the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated matters.

You maybe worrying if your business will survive. Could this could be re- framed into: “what is fundamentally an important leadership question here, both for you, those you lead and your family? “

“How resilient are you and your people?”

  I want to help you take care of yourself and those you lead! 

  Invest in your most important asset for long-term engagement by developing Resilience and Strong Leadership for the EMERGING FUTURE.

I believe in serving! This week is International Coaching week, and the CMHA Mental Health Week. I want you to know upfront that Coaching is NOT fixing or therapy, but instead, it is solution focused. Our coaching tips are strength based and focused on a positive mindset.   I am now offering you a daily posting of coaching tips for the next 21 DAYS, so you can begin your journey from Chaos to CALM. These tips can help you become inspired to harness “Your Powerful Leadership Presence” during COVID-19 and beyond! Can you control the global spread of Coronavirus and other circumstances? No. But, you can control how you respond. If you make the right choices, you just might be able to not only survive the current crisis…but actually thrive. Tips will be for your discernment only, but I do hope they bring you a level of insight and comfort, even for a day!  In the interim stay tuned for the tips to begin!  Tips will come in blog links, audio, video, and social media! As we move forward in our new worlds, keep this quote in mind:

 “The biggest prison is in our own minds”  Dr. Edith Eger 

If you have any questions , please connect with me! I look forward to chatting! https://thecoachingnest.ca/contact-shelley-cox/

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