Emerging leaders, whether solopreneurs or CEO’s emerge from a variety of circumstances, challenges, ages, education, gender or even socio economic backgrounds. We leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities! Emerging leaders of 2018 need to adapt to complexity, disruption, speed and chaos! That means that we need to develop certain competencies to meet the challenges that are going to happen! This will require more wisdom, agility, and above all, the resilience to reach our vision, goals and action steps.

If we were not born with the natural attributes, how will we develop these?

We have the choice and ability to create ourselves at each and every moment to learn to develop these key leadership competencies. Leadership is not just for the young, it’s never too late to discover our unique leadership voice if we remain agile and resilient.

What stops us from EMERGING STRONG as leaders?

A BULLY brain that has created messages of fear, dysregulation, resulting in leadership overwhelm and confusion. After considerable research and living with my own leadership brain, I believe the key secret to overcome leadership overwhelm is Intentional FOCUS! This requires you to be a lifelong learner, super intentional about your “why”, purpose, values and super curious about how the brain can support you on your leadership journey!

To learn leadership we must learn to make friends with our brains!

Leaders who flourish have a talent for continually learning and that learning starts with their selves and all selves have a brain. Leaders need to love to learn and continually seek AHA moments of leadership discovery. The new emerging leader is on a highly personal journey into becoming a wholistic and integrated human being. I believe the only valid path to genuine leadership is one that leads to self-awareness, soul-searching and collaboration with partnerships who believe in what you believe!

So if I focus on my brain can I be a STRONG resilient, agile leader?

With Neuroplasticity everything you have experienced in your life has molded and shaped your brain to favor certain behaviors and habits. Yet, for many of us these habits and behaviors may not be helping us in leading parts of our lives! With focused attention on what we do desire, like building resiliency, we can repeatedly practice new desirable behaviors to redirect our brains’ chemicals, hormones, and physical resources to create new pathways. These new pathway’s create new competencies and when practiced move to the basal ganglia (the identified areas located within the brain that account for habit formation) and become a new pathway to support our leadership success.

Without harnessing your superpower of self–awareness your brain will be triggered by the amount of chaos and uncertainty inside yourself and the environment. It is important to slow down and get to know your Amygdala (the integrative center for emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation), to overcome FEAR and the many other emotions that will derail our leadership journey!

As leaders let’s start with radical self–awareness, being friends with our fearful and sometimes unruly brain so we banish fear and stress and instead develop trust that our brain is there to support us. Training our brain to be agile and resilient is no different than going to the gym and building your muscles to win a power lifting contest! Something one of my clients just did using both mindset and physical strength!

As leaders we can create and place ourselves in teams and environments that are mindful, focussed, fun, encourage risk taking, continuous learning, and abundance and build a coaching culture of daily and meaningful courageous conversations!

I believe and research supports that leaders who combine coaching with the practice of mindfulness-focusing on their bodies, breathing, and thoughts in the moment-as a way to reduce leadership chaos have a well-developed executive functioning brain. Leaders will watch everyone flourish because they truly are a happy, friendly group of brains!

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