Day 20: What is Your Purpose Beyond Profit?

 MY CALM (Career and Leadership Mastery) Power™ program emerged from referencing the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). My intention is to coach emerging women leaders to help them feel supported and in return, they can build their own environments where intrinsic motivation is an innate attribute. SelfDetermination Theory is a macro theory of human motivation and personality that cares about people’s inherent growth tendencies and innate psychological needs. It is concerned with the motivation behind the choices that people make without external influence and interference. 

Essentially, it is asking “what is an alternative path to command and control leadership styles and the metaphorical carrot and stick”?  Early in my career path, I found myself working as a sales manager and recruiter.  As a result, I gathered numerous perks and awards, and while always appreciating the validation I felt something was missing. The proverbial “pat on the back”, or chasing profit without purpose seemed almost demotivating! I craved the integration of both internal and external motivators.      

Many people believe that making more money or getting better benefits will keep them motivated. However, psychologists, neuroscientists, and coaches have found that increasing amounts of external benefits, such as status, promotions, pay, and perks are only temporarily satisfying. Since we are dealing with our own self motivation and the motivation of others during such ambiguous times, let us try to remember that we could strive for a healthy combination of both internal and extrinsic motivators.

What motivates most of us in the long run is Autonomy, Purpose, Engagement and Finding our Flow.   My coaching also delves into the needs of our ego’s, and shows the importance of using a mindful approach for self-refection.

 I believe that we all want careers and lives that allow us the opportunity to be creative, to contribute, and give us a sense of achievement and recognition for our achievements and purpose!    

Something to Ponder: What is you and your organisation’s purpose beyond profit?

Intrinsically motivated people want to be able to dictate when they work, what they work on, and what they are responsible for. They do not need to be directed or rewarded, because they enjoy working and do so voluntarily, without demanding anything in return.” –Daniel Pink

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