Day 19: Can Change Help You Stay Positive?

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” ― Wayne W. Dyer

As women leaders in business, we are still in the midst of great ambiguity and unexpected change. For many people, this kind of situation tends to breed negativity. Despite this, many leaders see this time as one for innovation, hope, and building the stamina/strength needed to move forward into the future that has not yet emerged!

When we undergo change in our lives, our existing neuroplasticity is challenged.

The habits that are deeply ingrained in our daily lives may not have a suitable place in our new situation. Because of this, it is crucial to remain in an upward spiral as we change as leaders. I know that being positive can be a challenge.

What would it look like if the new changes in your life became the catalyst to consciously notice that you need to get back on your positive spiral?

I think that this realization is very exciting, but it will take courage and collaboration with people you trust to make it work! As I continue Coaching my CALM Power group, I sometimes have to strategically change and remind myself that I am doing what I love. Acknowledging that I have the ability to change helps me stay in my positive spiral to serve others.

Using my REWIRE to REFOCUS methodology, can ensure that your habitual thinking remains both positive and productive! We can REWIRE our minds to change and be positively focused, even when we may not even want to. Also we can change any other habits we have with this method. Ask me how!

If you are interested in learning more about the REWIRE to REFOCUS Method, feel free to contact me here:

What key habits would you like to strengthen or change?

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